Lawrence and Huntter

The support of other parents who are walking the same road you are is hard to find in normal circles. We all might have friends who have no idea what we need to hear no matter how much they desire to say just the right thing.

JourneyFEST can help. 

​All of our parents have walked the road you are walking and can identify with your journey. We support each other on the JourneyFEST facebook group.  Our group is completely private, non judgmental, and we offer friendship and advice from seasoned parents. If you have a need that we can help with, please, contact us! We will do all we can to help.

We also plan frequent events for all members of the family. Moms need a break, dads need other dads, and siblings need to know there are other kids out there whose worlds also seem to revolve around a special needs brother or sister. And the kids with special needs need to see there are others who are like them... other kids who use a chair, with a button, on a vent, or are delayed. Everyone needs some fun and everyone needs friends.

Additionally, we strive to visit members whose children are in the hospital. If your child is inpatient, give us a call and we'll see if we can come visit. 

JourneyFEST is Friendship, Encouragement, and Support.  Together.

Cody and Joe


JourneyFEST is Friendship, Encouragement, and Support.  Together.