JourneyFEST began in the hearts of people who felt alone during the births, doctor visits, hospital visits, or raising of their children with special needs. The special needs journey is hard enough even with a community of supporters; when walking the road alone the journey can feel hopeless.

With JourneyFEST, you're not alone. We'll be your community; we'll be your family; we'll be your help. We'll Journey toward Friendship, Encouragement, and Support. Together.

The Special Needs Journey is potentially years long. Families need encouragement because they can easily get weary. That encouragement can come in many forms. Contact JourneyFEST to see how you could help.

JourneyFEST is a group of special needs families who work together to enrich each others' lives. We all want a life full of good things, but on the Special Needs Journey we instead deal with difficulty after difficulty. JourneyFEST sprinkles in a little fun.

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